Are You Setting Up An Online Shop? Here Are Some Tips

Setting up a career in selling items has become a trend today. It is one of the easiest ways to sell items without investing much in the shop site and setup. By creating an online shop website (เว็บขายของออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai), you can save all your money and reach your products to maximum consumers. Also, your entire storefront will be at your fingertips by creating a proper inventory Excel file. It will help you with appropriate inventory management. 

If you are confused about how an online shop website looks, then here are some exciting examples:

  • Page 365 Store
  • Kaidee
  • Shopee
  • Lazada
  • Pantip Market
  • We Love Shopping
  • Tarad

You can create your website by taking inspiration from any of the above websites. As we all know, owning an online shop website has tremendous advantages. You are the owner of your website and the customer information.

When it comes to inventory management, creating an Excel file is very important. Let us learn here for free how to stock Excel file (ไฟล์สต๊อกสินค้า excel ฟรี, which is the term in Thai).

To Create A Stock Excel File, Follow The Following Simple Steps:

  • Open Excel Sheet:

On your computer, open the Microsoft Excel sheet and name it correctly.

  • Set The Columns Correctly:

Create a table and name the columns. For example, your column’s name can be item name or description, item ID or SKU, quantity in stock, unit price, total value, supplier, and date added.

  • Customize As Per Requirements:

As per the needs of your business, you can customize the names of the columns. For that, ensure that you know everything about your business. It will help you to avoid the mess in the future.

  • Enter Data:

Enter the data in the table once everything is labelled correctly. Ensure that you concentrate on minute details while filling in the data.

  • Format Your Table:

Table formatting with appropriate borders and highlights will help you to keep things sorted.

  • Save Your File:

After everything is done, save a file to a safe location on your device. You can also use cloud storage to save your files.

  • Keep Updating:

Update your file regularly by adding or deleting the inventory amount. It will help you track your business and make the necessary decisions to improve it. 

You can also search for basic templates of stock Excel sheets online. You can also download the advanced tools and software for inventory management online.

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