Life Lessons We Get from Soccer

Soccer is a game that makes people go crazy with the announcement of leagues and tournaments. People never shy away from adoring the talented players who give their best to entertain us. This game has rich history and tradition to talk of. On screen or in the gallery, fans are ready to cheer for the teams and the players. The inspiring feats and stories of the players are motivating. But this not all about the game. This very game does have some serious life lessons to offer. A game where players come together to serve the team or country and not only to add feathers to their own hat. While they achieve individual feats, they also score for the whole team. This is a feat to celebrate for both the team and the fans. But there are more important things that keeps on going in the field and in the background. These are the actual things to learn from the game to aid our life.

Precision in passing

Being good in your own job is not good enough especially when you are working in a team. You have to show your skill while passing information, knowledge and responsibility to the others. Passing the ball to the right player at the right time and place is necessary score a goal or prevent the other team from scoring a crucial goal. The passes on the field are one of the hot topics of soccer match analysis (วิเคราะห์ บอล, term in Thai) because these matters too much for every team. Lack of precision in passing would end the ball up at the feet of someone from the opponents.

The team can lose a huge opportunity due to the lack of precision of just one person. This is also applicable to any other team apart from a soccer team. Whenever someone is passing message or responsibility to someone within the team, it is necessary to make sure that it ends up with the right person and also in the right way. It helps the recipient with better understanding which then yields good results.

Listening to the coach

The coach is the person who provide crucial guidance and advice. Following him or her and taking the advices seriously is fruitful on the field. Leadership is something that is crucial in case of team work. They might not be in the field under the pressure, but they have a better view of the whole situation. Their viewpoint helps to understand the whole situation better. The same way, the leaders must be taken seriously. The team members also make sure to clear any confusion so that there is no misunderstanding within the team.

Speed and accuracy

A player with accuracy but no speed or with speed and less accuracy can never be an asset. There are 11 people of the opposition team who are running after the same ball. Speed won’t help unless you cannot pass the ball or send it to the goal with precision. Speed without precision cannot yield the result you need.

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