Two Aspects of Addiction Recovery that are Frequently ConfusedĀ 

Long-term drug users discover that stopping drug usage is more difficult than they had anticipated when they initially decide to stop abusing their bodies and brains with drugs and seek treatment. Long-term drug use has affected the physical makeup of the addict’s body, but it has also had an impact on their thought processes and emotional reactions.

Therefore, when we talk about drug detox to rehab, we have a double dilemma.

While some drug detox programmes exclusively concentrate on the physical changes the addict has gone through, others only deal with the mental and emotional impacts of chronic drug use; each of these techniques, taken alone, has a minimally successful outcome.

Both physical detox and psychological rehabilitation are essential for success. Drug detoxification is the process of ridding a drug or body of toxins to detoxify.

Drug rehabilitation: from rehabilitating to restoring to a prior, whole state. regaining the talents (a person or group)

It is well known that an addict will be better able to stay clean if they keep away from the locations and individuals they frequented when using. “Triggers” are what are used to remind us. They serve as a reminder of being high for the addict and trigger all the associated emotions.

What they are unaware of is

The reminders are physically present inside the bodies of drug users.

Drugs are essentially poisons, chemicals that alter the body. There are several ways to get rid of these toxins from the body. However, in the fatty tissues and areas with poor circulation, residues, chemical traces, and occasionally even the medications themselves, persist. Even if the user believes they have “detoxed,” these drug remnants might eventually lead to physical and emotional cravings. What is generally referred to as “detox” from drugs is nothing more than going through the early phase of withdrawal.

Even after a successful actual detox, the addict still has a long way to go. Now, certain lessons must be learned and some actions must be taken to improve recovery and prevent a recurrence. The former drug user has to learn the behaviors and information that others learn in adolescence, but they were stoned when those lessons were being taught. These skills are those that the former addict should have been acquiring while using drugs.

So, detox to rehab is very important.

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