Visit I-Store Wine Storage To Store Wine

Are you fed up with storing wine at home? Do you want someplace to store wine? Are you a wine lover and need to consume it daily? Well, there is a place where you can store wine in i-Store; it is a wine Storage place. The taste of wine should always be good, and the colour of the wine should also be the same as it was 24 hours before. The wine cellar (ห้อง เก็บ ไวน์, which is the term in Thai)is the place where the wine is stored, the same as it was earlier. The quality of wine matters a lot, so keep it in a safe place.


Certain factors define that storing wine in a storage place is essential. Rely on the three main factors that can preserve your wine safely. 


The most important factor is humidity; it affects the cork that closes the wine bottle. If the humidity level increases, the taste of wine can be reduced. So always try to maintain the relative humidity because the cork can dry up and make it crispy. If any air passes, it can destroy the taste of the wine, so the relative humidity is essential. The average moisture required to preserve the wine is 60-75%.


Temperature also plays a crucial important role in wine preservation. The red wine needs a temperature between 15-18 degrees Celsius. On the other end, white wine requires 5-10 degrees Celsius temperature. The level of the temperature matters a lot, and it should be accurate and consistent throughout the wine. 


Ultraviolet rays or sunlight can quickly destroy the quality of the wine as well. So, the crucial part of wine is sunlight. Avoid keeping the wine from the sunlight or LED light, or else it will get spoiled easily.

These are the three main factors that depend on if you want to store the wine in i-storage. The storage wine is applicable for 24 hours a day. The humidity controller looks upon the whole room for almost 70 RH hours in a day. A power backup is always working at the time of emergency. There is a wine-tasting zone that checks for those who keep the wine in the i-Store. It is located in the heart of the city only so it is convenient to travel. Store wine, and feel free to have it at your own time.

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